Eventfinda connects consumers to promoters and partners

Event Search Made Easy

Eventfinda makes finding events easy and engaging by bringing together event information from a wide variety of sources into a single, highly searchable destination website.

Eventfinda is popular with consumers because we make event search easy, with promoters because we engage the industry and give them tools to market and ticket their events, and media companies because we have clean, moderated content and hosted white-label solutionsNo one else does this.

Eventfinda has launched in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Austria and Singapore.

Content Syndication

Media companies and content partners love the clean, moderated and comprehensive event data produced by our platform, and license that data to increase audience share and time on site for their own properties. Eventfinda has been syndicating event content since 2008, and is the exclusive supplier of event data to Yahoo!, MSN and all other major media in New Zealand.

Media companies don’t want the problem of aggregating and moderating event information – they just want the content, and our white label events channels provide a zero-effort, hosted and managed solution.

Platform Licensing

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive events channel is difficult, expensive and unnecessary given a cost-effective and viable alternative. Eventfinda provides a proven, fully featured turn-key event discovery platform complete with revenue generating marketing, syndication and ticketing capability.

Licensing the platform means getting access to our constant innovation and product development without having to employ your own technical staff or resources.

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